Traduction Fully Executed Agreement

Under no circumstances may the service provider assign the services to subcontractors without the prior written consent of EUROPA TRADUCTION. Before the performance of a service, the subcontractor of the service provider is subject to the prior written consent of EUROPA TRADUCTION, failing which the order will be cancelled. In the event that EUROPA TRADUCTION authorises the service provider to award all or part of the contract to subcontractors, the service provider remains fully responsible to EUROPA TRADUCTION for all consequences, such as complaints from EUROPA TRADUCTION`s customers. For the purposes of proving the existence of such acceptance of the tender, the procuring entity undertakes to consider that a fax, e-mail, copy or digital media file is equivalent to the original and that it is fully valid evidence. The prices of the services that appear on europa traduction`s order are fixed, final, non-customizable and are considered to include all taxes. If the service provider has signed a framework contract with EUROPA TRADUCTION, the prices indicated on the contract shall be calculated in accordance with the provisions agreed in this framework contract. Any breach of this obligation of confidentiality by the service provider would be very detrimental to EUROPA TRADUCTION. The service provider is fully liable to EUROPA TRADUCTION for any breach of this obligation of confidentiality and undertakes to indemnify EUROPA TRADUCTION or its clients for the consequences of such an infringement. To definitively and definitively confirm his order, the customer must return the offer to Studio Traduction SARL without modification, neither by post nor by fax, signed with the declaration “valid for agreement” if the offer was sent to him by fax or letter, or by e-mail with the indication of his consent if the offer was sent to him by e-mail.

If the offer is not accepted, Studio Traduction SARL reserves the right not to provide the service. If the customer does not expressly accept these new delivery and/or invoicing conditions, Studio Traduction SARL reserves the right not to provide its services. The customer has a period of 10 (10) working days from receipt of the translated or corrected documents to indicate in writing any disagreement on the quality of the service. . . .

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