Service Level Agreement Voorbeeld Uitzendbureau

The information technology sector is an environment in which the shutdown of LTC has been common for some time. The IT service provider guarantees the availability of X percent`s server fleet, backups that are taken every time, a support service that reacts within a specific time frame. Services Level Agreement, Service Level Agreement. A service level agreement is a contract describing the qualities of the services provided. With an SLA, you offer security over the usability of a product or service. In doing so, the level of service you guarantee is defined concretely. You can agree with the customer on the date on which you regularly evaluate the SLA. This assessment may result in changes in this SLA and/or in IT services. If the services provided do not meet a certain quality requirement, they need to be improved. Since service quality requirements are defined in advance, it is easy to verify that they are met through an SLA. On the basis of an SLA, you can also make a fee, so that one will determine in advance how much the service will cost. The amount of the costs depends on the nature of the services and their interpretation. An SLA is also adapted to represent the costs of existing services and, where appropriate, implement savings.

Publication of introductory remarks (e.g. B that an SLA has been created to improve the quality of service) and starting points (e.g. B the fact that individuals should be allowed to use the service or the unavailability of services for third parties). THE SAAs clearly state the composition, responsibilities and clear expectations, so that neither party can rely on ignorance in the event of service problems. It ensures that both parties have the same understanding of the requirements. Any large-scale control without an associated SLA is subject to intentional or unintentional misinterpretation. The SLA protects both parties in the agreement. Ideally, SLAs should be tailored to the technology or business goals of the engagement. Under the pressure of the market, laws and regulations, different organizations and departments will have to reposition themselves. Reorganizations will often go hand in hand with job cuts. . .


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