Mitchell And Ness Licensing Agreement

The licensing agreement is an extension of the company`s relationship with the NFL, which has entered into a similar agreement with the Philadelphia brand in the U.S. market since 2001. Mike East, Managing Director of Mitchell and Ness EMEA, said of the international licensing agreement: “Our authenticity as a brand and message is tailored to the new agreements and we look forward to revealing in the coming weeks what it looks like, especially as London is hosting three NFL regular season games at Wembley Stadium this month.” The licensing agreement, which will be underway across Europe, coincides with the NFL`s ongoing efforts to build an international community of fans. The League has held one match every year in London since 2007. Mitchell &Ness Nostalgia Co. and the National Football League (NFL) have reached an agreement that results in a three-year license extension for the vintage sportswear and headwear brand. Frank P. Mitchell, a former amateur sports union tennis and wrestling champion, and Charles M. Ness, an enthusiastic Scottish-born golfer, founded Mitchell & Ness Sporting Goods together in 1904. [5] Their original store made and lined up artisanal tennis rackets from wood imported from Scotland stolen from England, custom golf clubs.

Over time, they expanded their business and sold uniforms to local baseball and Football teams. [1] When the Philadelphia Eagles entered the National Football League (NFL) in 1933, Mitchell & Ness provided the team`s jerseys and equipment. Mitchell & Ness would continue to equip the Eagles until the 1963 season. [6] Mitchell & Ness also has a licensing agreement with Major League Baseball. Mike East, Managing Director of Mitchell and Ness EMEA, said: “It`s great that we can share news of our licensing agreement with the NCAA. We are delighted to be working with them, as our partnerships not only help us commercially, but they also increase brand awareness, both globally and in the UK. As a brand, Mitchell &Ness is rich in history and we proactively work closely with our parties to bring our stories to life. Authenticity is key and our partnership with the NCAA, as with our other licenses, is entirely focused on our brand beliefs. By the late 1970s, Mitchell & Ness had ceased its team business to focus on retail. The store has become a leading outlet for field hockey equipment and ski equipment. Mitchell &Ness almost went bankrupt in 1983. Owner Peter Capolino told the Detroit Free Press: “Until 1983, all the expansion I had done had gone to hell. I fired 100 people, closed two warehouses.

I reduced the company to a small store on 13th Street and Walnut Street (in Philadelphia). It was up to me and my wife. [7] Mike East, Managing Director of Mitchell & Ness EMEA, said: “We are very pleased to announce these new licensing agreements with the NFL and bring our innovation and creativity as partners to them. We believe in working closely with people and the NFL, as well as our existing relationships with the NBA and MLS, agree with our brand beliefs. Our authenticity as a brand and message lends itself to the new deals, and we look forward to revealing in the coming weeks what it will be, especially as London hosts three NFL regular season games at Wembley Stadium this month. Founded in 1904, Mitchell &Ness Nostalgia Co. is known worldwide as the pioneer of authentic throwback sportswear. As an exclusive licensee of the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB, Mitchell & Ness offers four signature collections from more than 1600 players, as well as authentically inspired and brand-specific collections. Mitchell & Ness, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, has defined Authentic for over 100 years….

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