Ktm Quality Assurance Agreement

One of the advantages of the solution used by KTM is its portability: the 3D scanner can be used in different environments to bring the scanning device to the tess separation track and perform reliable, high-quality and accurate measurements in order to make timely design decisions. In addition, configuring devices for a scan-ready configuration takes virtually no time. Real-time networking and dynamic referencing are also available for data collection in the workshop, qc area or circuit. On the one hand, the team used a 3D scanner to collect data for wear and crash analysis on a large number of different bike components, to facilitate daily quality assessment. On the other hand, they optimized the driver`s position and aerodynamic functions with 3D scanning data by testing and adapting components between laps on the tess separation track! Analysis of wear and crash of the chassis and chassis is obtained by comparing the individual components down to the entire vehicle. . . .

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