Can You Fake A Lease Agreement

The lease must be signed as soon as possible and the deposit must also be recovered by your new tenant. It doesn`t matter if the lease is handwritten or typed. If the lease is more than one year old, it must be in writing and contain the following conditions. If a “fake owner” has accessible property keys and makes convincing visits, everything seems ignorant. What makes the charade more credible is that derogatory landlords are known to provide fake rental announcement documents. Even closer to closing. “Hey, there`s only this requirement of this lease,” remind you. And saying, “I`m not comfortable when someone signs a lease for a property they don`t want to rent from me” He says, okay, I understand. Call my real estate agent. She calls me, “If you need someone to sign a lease, I do it all the time for people. If you don`t agree, there`s nothing else you can do but continue with a cash offer. (What I wanted to do from the beginning) If you suspect or confirm that the owner is fake, who/where do you report it? I recently discovered that my “owner” is actually the decorator/owner that the owner has hired to do renovation work for him. He wrote me a 12-month lease and told me that I didn`t have to pay any deposit or extra fees and that I could move in directly.

2 and a half months later, as I could not pay rent, he tells me that he is not the landlord and that I want me to leave, since the lease is not valid. He said he wanted to make sure I had serious intentions before traveling here, because the last time no one came. (+ Make sure I have the money) He sent me nice pictures of the property and lease so I could say it`s real (according to him), but he won`t give me the full address because he`s afraid of thieves. (again because he is abroad) So I can`t even check it on the cadastre website. Let me know what you think, it sounds like a scam to me, and I don`t want to lose my money. This is another of those details that a fake owner can easily understand after investing 2 minutes of searching on Google. However, it is always better to check. The withdrawal date indicated in the rental agreement is not necessarily March.

The move-in date can be set at the 1st. .

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