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If this is not an undisputed divorce in which the spouses have agreed on a reciprocal agreement, it is a contentious divorce. In a contentious divorce, there is no prior agreement, and one spouse serves the other with a complaint. Once they are formally served, the spouse hires a lawyer to help them submit a response. Hearings are scheduled and a judge intervenes to finally decide your disagreements. Our Alabaster Divorce Lawyers currently require a low package for an undisputed divorce in Shelby County, Alabama. If you and your spouse disagree, then we can help you file a controversial divorce, but legal fees are much more expensive to start this process. Whatever divorce you ask for, as long as one or both of you live in alabaster, your divorce can normally be sought in Shelby County, Alabama. An undisputed divorce is where you can get an agreement with your spouse and both of you to sign the documents filed before the divorce. Since a transaction agreement is filed with the divorce, the judge only has to approve the agreement and pass your divorce decree, which is usually done without hearings or hearings.

This divorce decree is usually adopted about one or two months after the case is filed. Alan Edmondson, Lindley`s father-in-law, said Wednesday that he did not wish to comment on the case, although the state published the settlement agreement on its judicial system website. To get a low-cost alabaster divorce, you and your spouse must fully agree on all marital issues such as custody, custody and distribution of property. For starters, we can send you a questionnaire via email or permail, or you can fill it out online on the divorce questionnaire page. In the event of an undisputed divorce, there is usually no need to meet in our office and there are no hearings because the parties have agreed. This allows us to offer such discounted rates, no matter where you live in Alabama. However, we have an office in Shelby County if you want face-to-face advice with our local divorce lawyer. The agreement states that “payments made should not be construed as a guarantee” on the part of Roberts and the other defendants. As part of the transaction agreement, Edmondson agreed not to disclose the terms, even though they were public funds. Edmondson`s lawyers, David Marsh and Rip Andrews, would not discuss the exact amount of the transaction, although they said they were satisfied that the matter had been resolved without trial. This is not easy to assess and fall back into the specific circumstances of each case.

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